Press Room Publications

Over the course of time, we at the Press Room Publications, have strived to create our community
publications with quality, high publishing standards, and great care, for the Association’s and their
residents. We have kept the current format for many, many years, but we think its time for an
updated make over.  Read more


Thank you for your interest in our community publications.

The Community Publications are here.   If you are looking for a way to contact the residents and tell them about your business, why not advertise in their community publications? It costs much less than cold mass mailings and goes directly to each resident in their own newsletter.

In most cases, these publications are given to the community for FREE…. The advertisements in the publication pay for the cost of its publishing and printing, for the community. What better way to show the residents that you want to be a part of their community life by advertising in their publication.

Each publication is designed for the residents and Homeowners Association. It is their, very own, publication. They contribute to its contents.

If you are interested in advertising in one of these community newsletters, please contact Joe DiGiamio at 3721 SW 47 Ave, #302, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314 or visit www.thepressroom.net or send an E mail to: info@thepressroom.net   or fill in the advertising form and fax to 954-584-8559.


The Press Room Publications (Joe Di Giamio, owner & publisher) has been publishing the Forest Ridge Register (for a community of 1585 single family homes in Davie, Florida) since 1995. Linda Lee Granger, our editor/coordinator/publisher, has been involved with the Forest Ridge Register since its inception.

Some other communities we provide newsletters for are:

  • Pelican Pointe (456 homes) in Pembroke Pines (The Pelican Pointe Scoop)
  • Southbridge HOA (461 Town homes) in Pembroke Pines (The Southbridge Post)
  • Waterford Courtyards Homeowners Association (The Waterford Voice)

We hope you will enjoy this site and want to advertise in the publications. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Joe DiGiaimo